Friday, August 02, 2013

Action Does Not Create

This post is in response to a client's question about budgeting. Here are some excerpts from her question:

"…by budgeting and watching every penny and saving for a rainy day, that would be considered tapping into a limited conscious belief system; right? …I might have been able to step into my passion by now if I had been more frugal, more uptight, less carefree but I don't know that for sure and life would have been a lot less fun and enjoyable. I am a free spirit, and I want to live like one, but I also don't want to eat cat food… well, you know."

In this third dimension, we use money as an exchange of energy. All energy is consciousness so the key is to not look at money as an inanimate object but as consciousness you want to have a positive relationship with. Money has become the symbol of who we are, and not having it, threatens our survival and/or wellbeing.  We look for ways to get it, do jobs we don’t like, stay in unhealthy relationships, etc. because we have been programmed to depend on money, and not our own creator selves, to experience this dimension. We have become “stalkers” of money.

All the responsibility we have put on money to deliver what we want has created so much fear around money energy, because we have a distorted relationship with who we really are and how the universe actually works. The universe knows what is needed in this dimension to support humanity. When we put our attention on what we choose to experience and use every activity as the “bridge” to have more of that, we move into our hearts. Anything that we need to support that experience, including money, will be delivered effortlessly.

Everything in this dimension is in relationship to everything else. You could never live your passion by taking action to create or retain more money, such as being frugal, because you are vibrating limitation in the act of being frugal. The frequency of passion is not congruent with the frequency of limitation.

We need to stand back and look at the mind control. Having a budget is not the problem, letting the budget control your experience is the problem. You can budget with the intention that your account will continue to grow every day, regardless of how you spend. But if spending brings on guilt or fear, rather than truly vibrating freedom, then it won’t work. It is about how you feel which = your vibration that is the message you send to the universal unlimited potential. Unlimited potential and possibility simply responds to what you vibrate and it is the hidden beliefs that dominate – regardless of what you choose consciously.

Action does not create anything. Period. It is the intention behind the action that allows everything we want, anytime we want it, but the subconscious intention must be in alignment with conscious intention, as you only receive what your belief system says you can have. Therefore, as an example, you cannot live as a free spirit, when you don’t feel freedom in your job. Until we understand, at a conscious level, when we are on the mental plane rather than heart soul centered awareness, we remain in the 3D prison.

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