Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Unseen Trap of Self Development

We have been programmed to believe that there is something lacking in us, or there is some information or knowledge that we need to obtain before we can live a happy, fulfilled life. That, to be whole, we have to obtain something (craving), or get rid of something (aversion). Craving and aversion are the two components that make up the false sense of self. This drives and perpetuates a sense of lack, separation, and suffering.

Two programs that feed this perpetuation are called Self Development and Law of Attraction. If these programs actually worked for the good of our well being, why is there so much chaos, despair, hate, frustration and hopelessness?

Self development has failed because it has convinced us that we are lacking, we don’t understand, we don’t get it. This is a massive declaration to the universe that we somehow need fixing. Furthermore, these teachings, for the most part, focus on the brain and mind, keeping us locked in the mental plane. This is a form of resistance to what is within us because we are much, much more than our intellect.

When we come from a place where we believe we have to change something because we need healing or we need fixing, all the action we take gives more support to this false premise and the problems we perceive actually become worse.  This is why depression and feelings of suicide are so prevalent throughout society today.

The result of most Law of Attraction teachings are that we become convinced that we need stuff in order to be happy and that has taught us to look outside of ourselves, into the external world, for what we want.

The L of A teachings also focus on the mind and the brain and lead us to believe that our mind has the answers, but the conscious mind doesn’t know how to create.  The universe does not respond to our thoughts or our words. It responds ONLY to the vibration that those thoughts and words create. Science has shown that, at the quantum level, everything is oneness and that like vibration attracts like vibration.

It doesn’t matter how good our Law of Attraction techniques are because the underlying premise is false – that we are lacking in something, and that something is external to us. That is the seed we keep planting (awareness of lack), and that is the fruit we keep reaping (more awareness of lack). We are using the power of the mind to focus on lack, which creates a vibration of lack, which must, therefore, manifest. As a result, we are now experiencing the largest global economic distress since the great depression. Not a coincidence.

So trying to attract, achieve, manifest, etc. is all a form of resistance that is sending a message of I don’t have, I’m not enough, something is missing, something is lacking, something is broken, something is wrong.  So I need to do some more self development work, and I pick up another book, or listen to another presentation, or attend another seminar and the merry go round continues with little lasting change.

What if all of these teachings of Self Development and Law of Attraction we have followed so closely were not true after all, or only partly true? What if there isn’t anything about us that needs to be healed, fixed, or improved? What if we finally understood what it really means that “you create your own experience”?

Science has shown, at the quantum level, that there is just a oneness, a singularity, an undivided whole, a perfect pattern, a perfect beingness that is radiating only pure infinite wholeness.

We need to wake up to that part of us that comes from that perspective. That part of us that has never been damaged or betrayed, abandoned, rejected, diminished, or hurt in any way. That part of us that doesn’t need to be healed, fixed or improved and which, in fact, can’t be improved because each of us is already a masterpiece.

We need to understand we are perfect and have no limitations. This is not a metaphysical trick, but a mystical truth.

We don't need stuff to experience happiness. In actual fact, we need to get happy first to allow all of the stuff to enter our experience. That is what is meant by being in the world but not OF it. When we paint the pictures of our desires on the world, from the heart rather than the head, and do it from a place that "I am already whole and complete", then the "stuff" can appear for our enjoyment and comfort, rather than to fulfill us at some level.

So most conventional L of A teachings are fundamentally incomplete because at the quantum level we are, already, everything we desire. Contrary to what we have been taught, it is not up to us to make it happen by attracting it to us, we can only make it welcome which allows it to emerge through us into this reality.

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