Thursday, August 08, 2013

Lower, Middle, and Higher Self

Thanks to a Group Coaching subscriber for this very insightful response after the August 5 call:

"I did listen to the call last night on my phone.  I was particularly interested in the discussion of the subconscious (lower self), middle, and higher self parts of our consciousness.  I am guessing that the lower self is another way of looking at the reptilian part of our brain.  After giving it some thought after the call, I connected any kind of addictive or compulsive behavior to the Lower Self.  What I didn't understand until now is that by focusing on the fact of "where" the compulsiveness comes from and how to "shut it down" is something that IS controllable by just giving it a moment's focus (or more, if necessary :-) ) and elevating those thoughts to the Higher Self.  I will experiment with that for the next few days and report on my findings.  I am guilty of some personal habits that could stand a bit of re-vision.
Another way for me to look at it would be to say to myself that those behaviors exist in 3-D only, and shift my perception to the 5-D.  But I like Sharon's idea and I'm going to try it, too.
Til next week.  Big thanks to you and Sharon!"

Sharon's response:

Thanks so much for your comments, they are brilliant. I am really excited you will be a part of our call. 

Addictions, compulsive behaviors and habits are anchored in the lower self consciousness and are usually responses to underlying feelings of anxiety. Our brain is a processor of information and stores the data of what we experience. The reptilian part of the brain is what processes our basic survival needs and body function. The limbic brain records experiences and memories so is connected to emotions. Our lower self consciousness is what gives the experiences meaning or perception which determines the relationship between the experiences and emotion. This information is then stored in the brain to be recalled when necessary.

One of the first steps in dealing with these types of issues is to not feel guilt or have any resistance to the behaviors. Guilt comes from believing you are doing something wrong and that is a societal judgment. You may choose to change the habit but first just perceive it as a neutral experience. In most cases it is guilt from, what appears to be unrelated past experiences, that is causing the unwanted behavior. Rather than trying to shut down the behavior, we embrace it for what it is communicating to us, and allow it to release. All thoughts, feelings, emotions, behaviors and habits are a road map to discovering why the lower self is acting out in this way. That part of our consciousness is what drives almost 100% of our decisions. It is very rigid because it is responsible for survival and so will do anything to protect us from feeling anxiety or being wounded again. So when we try to push it away or resist what it is doing, it will become even more powerful.

When you are connecting with your Higher Self include how you are feeling with the thoughts. Consciousness only responds to the language of vibration so we must connect beyond just the mental plane. The feelings that come up when you focus on your habits should connect to the experiences your lower self is responding to, and it will communicate those to your middle self consciousness. These will be the core issues behind why the habits were formed. Releasing the emotional trigger from those past experiences is what allows us to have control over our choices and decisions. This isn't always as easy as it sounds as we are inside the lower self "box" and that part of us does not reason and typically doesn't want to let go of being the protector. My private practice is based on connecting the dots and releasing the triggers to past trauma. Also, even though the behaviors are driven by the lower self, all levels of our consciousness are multi dimensional. So communicating with the lower self can open the door to allowing that part of our consciousness to connect to our higher self, which brings all levels of our consciousness into alignment with 5D vibrational frequencies.

I am very excited to hear your experiences.
Much love and many blessings,

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