About Me

Sharon Ellert - Vancouver Island, BC Canada

I had a successful career in the financial services industry and my extensive business knowledge  gave me the opportunity to hold several board positions in a variety of diverse organizations. I am a Certified Life Coach, trained seminar leader, and have extensive knowledge in nutrition.

After several years of coaching people to establish financial plans, it became apparent to me that what people needed was to better understand themselves rather than looking to their money to give them what was missing in their lives. 

An unexpected geographical move opened the door to leave the financial industry and move into my heart’s calling of helping people connect with their true nature as infinite Divine beings. 

My quest to better understand the Universe, the Divine, and our own consciousness, took my education into another realm. I became a student of quantum physics, cell biology, neuroscience and neuropsychology. I trained in energy psychology and several energy balancing techniques. As I studied ancient and indigenous teachings and quantum physics it became clear that science has validated that everything is interconnected energy which supports the ancient teaching that we are all One. In doing so, the bridge between Spirituality and Science was built.

While working with people that were on a journey of wanting change in their lives and not knowing how to get there, I gained a much deeper understanding of the capacity and power that we have to create our own experience. Even though they were doing the things they were being taught on how to manifest what they wanted, what emerged over time, was that I began to see how many of the Self Development programs and much of the teachings of the Law of Attraction were actually creating a pandemic of separation and dis-empowerment. 

Along my journey, I have identified my own programmed and handed down beliefs. Through energy work, I have released the hold that my traumas and experiences have held on me at the physical, mental and emotional levels, and have come to understand that the heart is where it's at. This allows me to much better navigate the adventure of life on planet Earth with joy and peace, without fear regardless of the circumstances, and to help others to do likewise. 

This is fulfilling a calling I have had from a very early age.


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