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I am available for private sessions on the phone, via Skype, or in person. Please email me at for a free consultation. 

We all know there is more………all most of us really want is to create our life the way we want it to be and wake up happy. We want to stop the thoughts and emotions that don’t feel good and be able to expand the way we contribute. But we are exhausted from struggling, financially and emotionally. 

Are you wondering:
Why have I tried all the self help and law of attraction techniques and I'm still not happy/successful/financially free/fulfilled/?
Why do I keep self sabotaging?
Why do I feel stuck?
Why can't I find a partner?
Why are my emotions up and down like a roller coaster?
Why can’t I find my purpose in life?

If you are experiencing things in your life that you don’t want, or can’t bring into your life what you do want, there is an underlying belief system that is blocking your success. Simply being aware of what "could" be holding you back, however, doesn’t break the patterns because the root cause is usually never what you think it is. As an example, the real root cause of financial struggle is never about money – it’s always about issues with love, worthiness and safety. 

Conventional teachings instruct you to get control of your mind but you will not find the truth in your mind because it holds the negative perceptions that are contributing to you not having what you are looking for. And your mind doesn't have the answers or it wouldn't be looking for them. When you want change, it doesn’t matter what your conscious mind wants,
how logical you are, or what action you take. What will show up is what your sub conscious mind believes. Your sub conscious beliefs drive everything.

My specialty is an ability to uncover your sub conscious beliefs and connect the dots between those and the results you are getting (or not getting) and the patterns in your life. Most of those connections are not self evident. You will find that it is surprisingly easy to uncover the root cause of these beliefs, perceptions and limiting thresholds that are keeping you in lack and to release them permanently. Then you will be able to activate and access a level of power and wisdom like never before. Your actions will be fulfilling and your struggles will melt away.

If you are considering a private session, I offer a free consultation to answer your questions so you can determine if you choose to proceed with a formal session. Sessions can be conducted by phone, by Skype, or in person. Please contact me at to make arrangements. I look forward to working with you.

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