Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Law of Attraction

Thanks to a listener on the Group Coaching call for emailing this suggestion:

"I would appreciate hearing your opinion of The Law of Attractions. I have appreciated and practiced the teachings of Abraham Hicks and I believe it has been helpful in my life but I've not yet experienced the financial abundance I desire."

This is a great topic as it has been a point of confusion for many of us over the last 20 - 30 years.

Research shows that less than 3% of people who practice the Law Of Attraction traditional teachings have any meaningful results. One of the main reasons is that the techniques that are taught keep people on the mental plane, depending on the 5 senses to connect with what they want. The information contained in most books on the Law of Attraction does not make clear what the steps are to manifest or attract, nor does it cover what "alignment" really means.

In 3D we carry around a lot of stuff that was never true, and had little to do with us, if anything at all. It was handed down as others' beliefs or we experienced their negativity and took it on as "there is something wrong with me". Most of this programming is held in the subconscious and we are not aware of how it is playing out - but we experience lack or turmoil somewhere in our life. We keep looking into our past and hoping it doesn’t happen again in our future.

Manifesting what we want in this reality works, however the universe does not  respond to asking from your words, it only responds to vibration in your combined emotional, mental and physical states. It will continue to give you what you are vibrationally asking for which usually contradicts what you want. So the question is what am I vibrationally asking for that I am not aware of at a deeper level? Because, on a conscious level, I know what I want and it isn't here.

One of the first things to look at is how much of your life is structured around good, bad, right, wrong, should and shouldn’t? This polarization and contrast of the 3rd dimension keeps our vibration in a density below the frequency of creation. It is 5D frequency where what you want already exists. That is what Abraham refers to in the 3 step process: 1. Ask, 2. It is created (not your job) and 3. Allow.

The first two steps are easy but the allowing part is where alignment comes in. We are taught to connect emotionally with the thing we want to experience but that alone does not allow our desire to manifest in our physical reality. Our intention has already created our desire. The allowing of it, to manifest physically, is about aligning our mental, emotional and physical bodies with the vibration of creation. When we give our attention to that which connects us to the frequency of love, appreciation and gratitude, we are allowing. It is not necessary to continually focus on our desires as staying in aligned vibration automatically draws to us that which we created with our intention. This is where awareness plays a big role.

When all levels of consciousness are in alignment in the 3rd dimension, you become the creator in present time, and life emanates from you, within you, through you.  All creation must come THROUGH you, not TO you. When you can hold your vibration in wellbeing, appreciation, or simply being quiet and connecting with yourself, you resonate with the unified field and can stay at that level. You must do this consciously. It is very important that you experience these vibrational frequencies in your physical body as well.

Then at a quantum level you are now expanded into the unified field where you can hold your intention in different dimensions, realms and frequencies. If you focus on the frequency of abundance, through your intention, you can bring that vibrational attention point within the unified field through your body and into this dimension.

There is much more that can be discussed about this topic and I look forward to your sharing your wisdom through your comments, questions, and observations.

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