Thursday, June 20, 2013

Money and Our "Wants" vs "Needs"

Thanks to Elin for the following comment on the previous post about our relationship with money.

"My beliefs about $ have always been centred around $ being a tool to be used in a responsible way to sustain the family and help others and, in this way, it continues to flow and the need is met. Now about 'want' is not as clear as it feels selfish and self serving. Can you elaborate on 'want' as opposed to 'need' Sharon? Thank you so much for your inspired blog!"

The first thing to notice is that you mention your “beliefs” around how money should be used. When the origin of beliefs are explored we find most of them are based on false premises and are simply someone else’s opinion. So when we use these programmed beliefs to drive our decisions we are always using other people’s opinions as to how we should live. This causes us to stay in the mental plane around money rather than connecting with the energy of money through our heart.

When we have a belief that we should be responsible with money, which is also tied to you using money to help others, there is usually an element of guilt that comes with spending money on things your heart desires for yourself. Making decisions around money from the belief systems held in the mental state, as opposed to the heart which calls for using money as a means of exchange to experience the things that bring us joy and fun, limits the flow of money into our lives because we hold ourselves back from fully expressing our desires.

We have been programmed to believe that money is separate from us and that we have to work for, or in some way earn, our right to have money. Only if we have worked hard enough can we allow ourselves to use any of it for our enjoyment. That is what the concept of retirement is about.

This leads to the question of “want” as opposed to “need”. Once again it depends on your connection with the energy of money. If you come from the programmed mental belief state about money, you will only allow that which you perceive you need. Then wanting something for the sheer enjoyment of it creates guilt because we also believe that if someone else is miserable (doesn’t have money) we are also not allowed to be happy.

When you call something forward into your life, by using money as an exchange, the words you use are not relevant. It is the vibration attached to the words that determines how the universe responds. One person’s need can be another’s want, and somebody else’s want can be another’s need. It all depends on what meaning you put onto your situation. Remember the language of the universe is vibration and it is how you feel that determines the outcome.

If you can drop all belief systems, which are mainly based on others' opinions or outright lies, and only focus on what makes your heart sing, then you will be a virtual magnet for more money to flow into your experience. From that perspective, you will then see many more opportunities to support others when it feels right, rather than doing so from a sense of responsibility to do it.

Your relationship with the energy of money should feel light, joyful, expectant and fulfilling so that the same resonance flows to you as abundance in every part of your life.

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  1. This is undoubtedly the best answer on how to think about money I have ever read in my entire life. I know now I have had a doubt about wanting, owning, or even planning how to acquire it. The word is guilt. Thank you Sharon.