Monday, September 30, 2013

The Dance of Life

Below is a recent posting by Jennifer McLean, host of "Healing With The Masters". It speaks very well about what many of us are experiencing these days in our relationships, and what those relationships are showing us about ourselves. Remember, if someone is triggering us, it is ONLY about us. It has nothing to do with the other person. They are only our messenger so we can identify emotional wounding and beliefs that are driving our life experience. I have said many times that, with the new energies on the planet, these buried emotions will no longer be ignored. We came here this time to "finally" deal with them and transmute and transcend them. Resistance to doing so will cause them to continually re-surface, with increasing intensity, begging for our attention. This is not to be feared, but celebrated! Recognizing and dealing with our "triggers" is the only route to true freedom. So, let's get on with it!

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"I want to remind you of something very powerful today...

Each of us is a perfect piece of thread in this Divine tapestry of life, expressing the Divine part of us. This means that, yes, even the "adversaries" or "attackers" in our lives are a perfect piece of thread in this Divine tapestry of life, too.

There is always a beautiful expansion through whatever is happening with these individuals. There is a perfect, divine frequency for all.

Even though it may be dim or hidden, take a moment to focus your intention and attention on noticing the light of your adversaries and appreciate and acknowledge their individual expressions of the Divine.

As you observe their light from your powerful, Divine stance of knowing, allowing, compassion and acceptance, you share your light with them, understanding from your soul place that they are doing the best they can - even if it doesn't appear so. The more you observe their light, the more it expands, as does yours.

You see, the dance of life uses dissonance to move us back into the place of love. Dissonance creates within us new ideas, actions, decisions. Allowing dissonance stirs up within it the uncomfortable emotions and lower vibrating energies that are ready to be transmuted and transmogrified. It shows up, we are triggered, and, when we allow and embrace, we get to the other side of love and freedom then back to the sacred place of knowing, compassion, and acceptance on a higher level.

When we acknowledge occurrences with appreciation, essences of freedom and peace await us.

So, allow what's happening to be fully experienced. Even things that appear uncomfortable - or not fun - are all part of the tapestry and threads of you...

All events are light showing up in various forms and frequencies. No one is misbehaving, nor betraying, nothing is broken and there's no such thing as "obstacle" or "stuck." Those are only coping expressions. There's really only light as life unfolding.

Allow all of it to be as is. Look for and observe the light. It's all good."

With Blessings & Gratitude,

Jennifer McLean
CEO McLean MasterWorks
Host, Healing With The Masters
Author, Healer, Speaker, Entrepreneur

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