Wednesday, April 03, 2013

What Is Waking Up?

Thanks to Gaynor for her comment and question regarding the previous blog post. She asks:

"… Is waking up that difficult, or have we been asleep so long we just keep dozing off every once in awhile? You know when you sleep-in you sometimes feel so groggy all day."

First of all, there is the larger aspect of you that is already awake. The part of us that has been “asleep” is our conscious mind. We have been lulled into thinking we live in a democracy, that we have to work hard to get ahead, that we must comply with all the rules and laws of society or there will be chaos, and the only guarantees in life are death and taxes. These are all beliefs that have been programmed into our lower conscious minds.

All authentic creative action, which is aligned with the universal flow, comes first through higher mind. Higher mind is vastly different to the lower, rationalizing mind. It doesn’t function according to logic and it doesn’t tighten around the need for an answer, rather it happily contemplates the experience you are looking for.

What we need to wake up to is what life is showing us: the purpose of every moment of our life is to reveal an aspect of the truth about Ourselves to ourselves.  When we don’t understand that the external world is a mirror of what we are expressing inside, we resist what we are seeing and start using our conscious mind to create an alternative experience. We get invested in trying to change our external world, rather than acknowledging that we are the creator of it, and waking up to what that external world is showing us about us.

What if we were to reduce our resistance to our experiences and situations and, instead of trying to immediately change or get rid of the situation, we were to ask “what is this situation or experience revealing to me about me?” What if when you react strongly to something that is happening or to something that is said, you were to step back and observe yourself in the experience, and then ask "why did I react that way?" If you have a behavior that you don’t care for, ask yourself "why do I continue to act this way?" Then, with the clarity obtained from this "inner dialogue" we can reanalyze each situation and determine what, if anything, we choose to do about it. This is to respond rather than react.

In the true reality, we ARE each situation or experience, and when we have resistance to what is - we are resisting our own beingness. So we need to be less resistant and more accepting of what is. Many don't want to accept what is because they believe, in doing so, they are giving the Universe permission to send them more of the same. That is taking acceptance out of context. It does not mean that we should find any given situation to be "acceptable" if it doesn’t feel good. The true meaning behind accepting what is, is simply acknowledging that this situation is what it is, without judging it. Then, through the questions above, we can begin to understand the cause that we created which resulted in the effect we are seeing. When we understand that we are the creators of each experience, we are then in a position to change those experiences that are not serving us. Acceptance of what is, is the launching pad for change. As creators, what we create, we can change.

Knowing this and listening to your inner dialogue is a very important part of the awakening process because you will dissolve every non supportive belief and value that society has programmed you with.  If you practice this, the internal guidance you receive will astonish you. Taking the clarity of this new awareness and expressing it through your beingness and actions will begin to unleash an unstoppable flow of more positive experiences throughout every part of your life. This is the Power of Higher Mind which is connected to all existence.

When you give yourself to the higher mind level of consciousness all the time, in every moment – staying in the now – you will see the magic carpet ride unfold before you. You will then be awake to the power of Who You Are as a creator and the life you experience will be beyond your wildest dreams.

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  1. Thank you for a beautiful answer, I seem to forget when the situation is really unpleasant or when in physical pain.

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