Thursday, February 21, 2013


Welcome to the premier issue of the We Need To Wake Up! blog.

When I talk with people some things come up continuously. I hear them say "Something has changed". "Something is different but I don't know what it is".  "Time seems to go by so much faster". "My emotions are all over the map". "I have these strange feelings that I can't seem to shake".

There seems to be more chaos, confusion, and frustration, in the world today than any other time in our lifetime. Things are changing around us in ways that we can't explain.  Things we used to do routinely don't seem to work any more. How we experience our relationships, or our government, or our health care, which we used to simply roll with, now cause deep anger and resentment or, at best, irritation. We're working harder than ever before yet we seem to be falling further and further behind. Our former comfortable existence is gone.

It's not just in our local environment. Sometimes it seems like the whole world is going nuts. Financial markets worldwide are in a mess. Governments can't get anything done without endless drama. The news carries story after story of strange behavior, human and otherwise. Earthquake and volcano activity is at an all time high. Floods and drought are rampant.

All of this chaos is causing us to feel helpless, hopeless and out of control. But, in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. We are experiencing changing times, yes. Nothing is as it used to be. But that's actually very good news! Biologists are saying that crisis is the catalyst for evolution.

There is a major shift underway, across all humanity... and beyond. It is an opportunity for us to wake up to what has brought us to this pinnacle and, as we wake up to that, to take back control of our own experience of it. We are in the midst of the greatest shift that this planet has ever experienced. And if we hadn't intended to be a part of that experience, we wouldn't be here right now.

We Need To Wake Up! is about creating a discussion about all that is going on around and within us. It's about making sense out of the chaos. It's about new and changing perspectives. It's about raising awareness and raising consciousness. It's about the Oneness of it all. And, most importantly, it's about understanding who we really are and the power that we hold as infinite, Divine beings!

So, if you're so drawn, please follow the discussion and join in with your comments, questions and experiences. I promise I will read them all and respond to as many as I can. This is meant to be an interactive conversation. Feel free to express what you want to talk about.

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  1. I have your post on my Facebook page. Hope it will spark some conversation along with 'purpose'!

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